NACAA's Transition Document for the Biden-Harris Administration

January 20, 2021 - As the inauguration heralds a transition in presidential administrations, the state and local agencies in NACAA developed and sent “Improving Our Nation’s Clean Air Program: Recommendations from the National Association of Clean Air Agencies to President-Elect Biden’s and Vice President-Elect Harris’ Administration”. The purpose of the document is to emphasize that the Biden-Harris Administration should work closely with NACAA’s state and local clean air agencies.  It also includes a set of seven issues and a series of recommendations:

  1. Center Environmental Justice
  2. Respect State and Local Authorities as a Pillar of the Clean Air Act
  3. Ensure Scientific and Technical Integrity for Core EPA Actions
  4. Advance New EPA Programs to Protect Public Health and the Environment and Address Climate Change
  5. Reset Permitting and Enforcement Priorities to Emphasize Public Health and Equity
  6. Improve Technical Assistance to State and Local Air Agencies 
  7. Address the Urgent Need for Significant Increases in Federal Funding 

You can find the letter here.