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CACP Software

The National Association of Clean Air Agencies' Clean Air and Climate Protection Software (CACPS) is a Windows-based, user-friendly software tool that will significantly expand the capabilities of states and localities to analyze the benefits of various air pollution control scenarios and select and implement those that not only address traditional air pollutants, such as ozone precursors like nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides and particulate matter, but also greenhouse gases (GHGs), which cause global warming.

CACPS can help state and local officials:

• Create an inventory and forecast emissions of criteria air pollutants – nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds and coarse particulate matter – and GHGs.

• Evaluate policies to reduce emissions of these pollutants.

• Prepare emission reduction action plans.

The components of CACPS can be used independently, to evaluate a single measure, or in combination, to develop a comprehensive action plan.

This software was developed through funding provided by EPA under a cooperative agreement. EPA's support should not be construed as an endorsement of this software. The impetus behind the development of this tool was to enable state and local officials to better harmonize the reduction of GHGs and air pollution on a voluntary basis and it is not intended to be used for regulatory support. If you would like to download the software please contact NACAA at (202) 624-7864 or send an e-mail to with "CACP Software" in the subject line.

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