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Wildfires and Smoke

October 23, 2017 - By October 2017, one of the worst fire seasons in U.S. history had cost dozens of lives and destroyed many neighborhoods.  Wildfires pose immediate danger to lives and property, but air quality affected by smoke and ash may also pose large, hidden impacts far from the flames. This factsheet draws on lessons learned by clean air agencies from recent wildfire responses.  It highlights wildfire issues that are faced by clean air agencies, and explores - for non-experts - how these fires impact public health.  It also offers ideas for decision-makers in communities affected by wildfires about where to get more information for to help manage effects on clean air.



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Hurricanes and Mutual Aid

Friday, September 8, 2017 - A number of NACAA members are facing unprecedented challenges this hurricane season. The road to recovery for those affected may be long. This factsheet helps distill the experience of NACAA members who have faced previous natural disasters, including the long recovery period that follows, and suggests new ways NACAA can help its members help each other in times of need.